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June 24, 2013
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a n g e l by miya-cchi a n g e l by miya-cchi
Finally finished :iconrlytearplz:
I don't remember when I had so much fun with lighting/shading ;-;


Hideki Shiruchi *miya-cchi

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What I really loved about this was the softness (especially that gown/dress she was wearing!!!) of the subject you portrayed and how their beauty was enhanced by the palette you chose, the background, and where you placed the light source. You did indeed a terrific job shading this vision. It's stunning! Angel is a fitting title :) The texture of her hair contrasted well with the clouds (or is that a wing?) and her skin. You also captured her expression very well. My favorite thing is are the roses on her dress. However, there seems to be something off about the way she is twisting around. Her body is positioned perfectly up until the waist, where it seems like you switched from a back view abruptly to a side view (check your proportions, maybe?). It might just be the way you draw people but it nagged me a little. Also, there seems to be another light source coming in from the bottom right of the picture, since there are more rays slanting in at a different angle than the source in the background. That subtracted to the impact a bit. But overall, good job! <3
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The job you did on shading and creating the transparency on the cloths is absolutely phenomenal; don't give up working on that, it's EXCELLENT work.
In addition, the work you did on the sky and clouds is fantastic, and the way you manipulated the cloud showing above her left shoulder is beautifully done; allowing it to look like a wing added a great touch to the overall feeling of the picture.
The addition, as well, of the falling feathers/petals also contributes greatly to the flow the the work, allowing it to guide the eyes from the forefront to the main focus (the face and background region); both of which you did masterfully, and only accentuates the idea of the cloud being an angel wing.
The only qualm I would say with this picture would be the angle of her arm; the twist that it has is semi-unnatural, and seems as if it would be forced into that position. Other than that, her physical layout is fantastic, showing a soft figure, but possessing more character and personality than just being someone/something to look at.
-I think she deserves a good back story :heart:
Overall: 9.9/10, I wouldn't harsh too hard on the arm because it's not a major focus (other than the hand being a focal point on the visual movement), and because it doesn't detract from the beauty of the piece at all. Excellent job.
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AnkokuRaven Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Absolutely watching you for this
BellQo Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you are awesome!!!!!
KatlynAshe Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
I totally love this picture.  The lighting from top to bottom is beautiful.  And the angle wings "hinted" through the clouds is both clever and interesting.  Definitely one of my new favorites!
miya-cchi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ;u;
Sunny-chaan Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That... is so beautiful :') I can't find words *_*
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is one gorgeous drawing, I'm in awe!!!!! *////////*
so so beautiful! I love her pose, the shadings, the color and the background and that wings like cloud thingy, so pretty!
miya-cchi Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much ;3; <3
NicksFluffyShit Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Her face and the background are like out of a dream! :3 Awww...
AceTrooper07 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
great work!!
cyndhis Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
omg omg this is a very beautiful drawing! the angle and the colors are perfect!
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